Project Work and Bachelor Theses

The general aim is to come up with a solution for the assignment provided by your client. You are usually more in the role of a consultant than of a researcher. Accordingly, the structure varies from the research paper and can differ from assignment to assignment. Nevertheless, we would like to provide you with a generic structure that might give you some ideas about how to structure your work. If you feel insecure about the structure, please ask your supervising lecturer.

The scientific principles that should be observed are listed below the structure.


Cover Page (add the word “Confidential” if necessary)
Declaration of authenticity
Management Summary
Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    • Initial situation
    • Goals, objectives, and research question(s)
    • Structure of the paper
  2. Theoretical framework
    • 2.1 Previous research: Divided into several thematic chapters (i.e., literature review)
      • Latest facts, best practices, previous research, definitions, and key theories – identify those relevant to your project
    • 2.2 Method and Data
      • Description, explanation, and justification of the methods used
      • What data were collected/are analyzed (e.g., an overview of the sample)
      • Outline the analysis and evaluation parameters (e.g., How were the data analyzed? How were the results interpreted/evaluated?)
  3. Analysis: Overview of the results of data analysis (e.g., description of results from interviews/surveys), organized thematically
    • Context (legal, social, technological, and so on),
    • Customers
    • Competitors
    • The company itself
    • Requirements and needs,
    • Survey
    • … and more depending on the assignment
  4. Discussion: Connects the results of this analysis with theoretical foundations, complementary/contradictory findings, derivation of recommendations for action
  5. Conclusion: Answer the research question, reflect on the practical impact and transferability of the results, outlook
    • 4.1Solution: The solution might include:
      • Concept
      • Evaluation of different options and recommendation
      • Development of i.e., software
    • 4.2 Overall conclusion and limitations
    • 4.3 Next steps

Reference list
List of Tables and Figures

Scientific principals in the Project Work and Bachelor Thesis

The thesis shall be conducted in accordance with scientific principles. Within the context of the Project Work and Bachelor Thesis, such scientific principles include:

• Researching the relevant literature and incorporating the latest facts, best practices, theories and/or models related to the topic

• Accurately referencing sources in full

• Providing traceability for conclusions reached; the solutions proposed shall be based on ascertainable facts and reasoning